Online Giving and Payments are fully integrated with Authorize.Net. You provide Think Ministry, Inc. with login/transaction keys and we update your Portal to use these keys. Separate keys are used for giving and payments because only one is tax deductible. You must use Authorize.Net if you use Think Ministry Inc.'s Portal pages for online giving and/or registration.


All Think Ministry products comply with Authorize.Net standards and endpoints.

As of 9/1/2015, all products were tested and compliant with Authorize.Net's move to Akamai and their migration of certificates to SHA2. Think Ministry continues to monitor the upcoming PCI changes that will require TLS 1.0 to be disabled and will provide guidance once final dates and transition timelines are established.  For more information on TLS 1.0 and Authorize.Net, please see this Authorize.Net announcement.

As of 2/27/2017, all products were tested and compliant with Authorize.Net's disablement of TLS 1.0 and TLS 1.1 and can support TLS 1.2 for API connections. For more information on TLS disablement and Authorize.Net, please see this Authorize.Net announcement.

Hand-Off & Communication

MinistryPlatform transmits the transaction details to (credit card information is not stored in MinistryPlatform), and Authorize.Net handles all verification and processing.

When a one-time gift transaction is processed, it goes into, then goes into MinistryPlatform with a transaction code and a gateway response of successful. This is the same for registration payments.

When a recurring gift transaction is processed, MP makes a Donation record for every single Donation in the series and they all get the same subscription code. The two systems then never communicate on these records again. For example:

  1. Someone enters payment info on the Portal
  2. Submit
  3. Payment info handed off to Authorize.Net
  4. Authorize.Net verifies
  5. If rejected, user notified on Portal (back to step 1)
  6. If accepted, Authorize.Net records
  7. Handed off to MP (with transaction number)
  8. MP records created
  9. MP & Authorize.Net never "communicate" again
  10. Authorize.Net settles (or attempts to) based on your account set up (for example, settles daily at 11:59 pm)

Giving vs. Payment Account

Where the transaction occurs on your Portal, not the MP Program, controls which account a transaction hits (payments or giving).

Transactions from the following Portal pages will hit your tax-deductible (giving) account:

Transactions from the following Portal pages will hit your non-tax deducible (payment) account:


This transaction cannot be accepted.

This error occurs when an Authorize.NET transaction key is invalid. Keys are invalidated 24 hours after you generate a new one.