Opportunity Finder



  • The Portal’s Opportunity Finder shows MinistryPlatform Opportunities that are available for online display.
  • On the Opportunity Finder page, you can search for Opportunities by Congregation, Ministry, Keyword and Event. Opportunity Finder displays 500 results, sorted first by date (starting with ongoing, then soonest to latest) and then by Opportunity Title.
  • Once an Opportunity is clicked, an Opportunity Detail page provides more information on the Opportunity and a form to complete if interested in the Opportunity. If a user is logged in, some of the form fields are auto-filled.
  • When someone completes the form on the Opportunity Details page, a Response record is logged for the individual in MinistryPlatform. The system attempts to assign the Response to a record based on name, email and phone; if it cannot make a confident match, the Response record is assigned to Default Contact.  
  • In the Opportunity setup, Opportunities can be linked to a specific Event, which makes the Opportunity show up on Opportunity Finder at the Event Calendar. If there are no Opportunities linked to Events, the Events filter does not appear on Opportunity Finder. Also, the Event Date must be in the future.
  • In the Opportunity setup, a Custom Form can be linked to an Opportunity. The Custom Form’s questions then appear as a part of the interest form on the Opportunity Details page.
  • You can pre-filter the Opportunity Finder URL so specific search criteria is auto-filled when someone clicks the link. 
  • The Opportunity Finder will not return results if the Max Needed is already met for an Opportunity (even if the Opportunity has a Public visibility level).
  • A video on Opportunity Finder is available here