Event Calendar



  • The Portal’s Event Calendar shows MinistryPlatform Events that have been approved for online visibility (a SPoC can customize the Event Approval workflow process, which allows for online visibility).
  • On the Event Calendar page, you can search for Events by Month, Year, Congregation, Ministry Area, Sign-up Type (i.e., All Events, All Registration Events, All Volunteer Opportunities) and whether an Event is featured. The results can display in a calendar or list view.
  • You can pre-filter the Event Calendar URL so specific search criteria are auto-filled when someone clicks the link.
  • Once an Event is clicked, an Event Detail page provides more information on the Event and, if registration is available for the Event, an option to sign up.
  • Search engines do not return data on the Event Calendar, as there are no tags or meta data.
  • A video on the Event Calendar is available here