Access via Snippets



  • Portal Auto-Login Snippets in the New Message Tool can be used to direct contacts in Ministry Platform to various Portal pages.
  • This option is useful because:
    • It can bypass the login step if it's configured as such. (For example: a person could click on a link and view their giving statement without having to create a Portal account.)
    • It can promote account creation, and
    • It can facilitate receiving current data from your contacts (e.g., get updated contact information).

Initial Setup

You have two options for the access level of the auto-login snippets:

  • The snippet can take the individual directly to their personal Portal and completely bypass the login page, OR
  • The snippet can require the individual to stop, pick a username and then retrieve a temporary password and link from their email.

A SPoC can indicate the desired setting by going to Administration > Configuration Settings > AllowURLAuthentication record. Indicating TRUE in the Value field allows the individual to click the snippet and go to the Portal without logging in. Indicating FALSE in the Value field requires the individual to login after clicking the snippet. If a change is made, use the Portal Admin page for the Configuration Setting to take effect immediately.


Check out this article for using snippets in the New Message Tool.