Transitioning to PocketPlatform, V2



PocketPlatform, the app platform built from the ground up to provide a rich and engaging experience for MinistryPlatform congregations, is about to get a major update! PocketPlatform, V2 will be available in Summer/Fall 2022. With a fresh, current look and feel, it is chock full of features (hello, dark mode!) to help your congregation engage and interact with your church. 

PocketPlatform, V2 Highlights

  • V2 will support dark mode!
  • Navigation Options! You can keep the drawer navigation from your current version, or you can update to tab navigation to put categories front and center.
  • New dashboard recipes!
  • FastPass enhancements!

Transitioning to PocketPlatform, V2

When will PocketPlatform, V2 be available?

Soon! Like really soon. It's in testing now and we expect to start rolling it out to churches this summer.

It looks so cool! How do I get it?

All churches currently using PocketPlatform will receive an email in July that includes a form so churches can provide some basic information required to get PocketPlatform, Version 2 set up and request a deployment date between August 1 and October 31, 2022. And yes, ASAP is an option ;)

What information will you need from me to get PocketPlatform, Version 2 up and running?

Just the basics and a few images ...

  • Basic contact information: name, email address, church's name
  • Image for the login page
  • Image for your giving page
  • The primary color to use throughout the app (HTML Hex Code).
  • The secondary color to use throughout the app (HTML Hex Code). The secondary color can be used for the conversation/group cards. And because you get to do YOUR church YOUR way, you get to choose which conversation/group cards get branded primary and which gets secondary. Or you could use the primary color for both. Or secondary color for both.
  • A backup color to use throughout the app (HTML Hex Code). The backup color will be used for dark mode (that's right, Version 2 supports dark mode!) if the primary color is not readable.