Engage your congregation by giving them an incentive to complete certain challenges when getting involved with your church. Gamification rewards users with badges and progress bars as they find new ways to engage with your community, develop their spiritual journey, and find more areas of spiritual and Kingdom growth in their lives.

We're all about helping you do YOUR church YOUR way, so Gamification is a blank slate! You can choose what Journeys and Milestones are included. Enable your Journeys and Milestones as described below and you're good to go. When a Milestone is marked as complete, the User will receive their badge and all the warm fuzzies that go with it. Want to automate the process? You can use database Triggers, Stored Procedures, or in some cases, Processes. Need help getting that set up? Support is just a click away!

Journeys & Milestones

Gamification is based on rewarding users for finishing a Journey by completing Milestones. Your existing Journeys can be gamified and you can create new journeys to leverage gamification.

Enable a Journey for Gamification
  1. Church Structure > Journeys
  2. Open the Journey you'd like to gamify
  3. Edit
  4. In the PocketPlatform Gamification section
    • Gamify = Yes
    • Active = Yes
    • Badge: link to the Journey’s badge icon (see below)
    • Start Date: the date the gamification begins
    • End Date: the date gamification ends
    • Finish Message: Displayed to the user after completing a Journey.
Enable a Milestone for Gamification

Every gamified Journey needs to have at least one Milestone.

  1. Milestones > Open the Milestone you'd like to gamify or create a new Milestone
  2. In the PocketPlatform Gamification section
    • Gamify = Yes
    • Call to Action Button Text: Label on button the User taps to take action.
    • Call to Action: The link where the User can take action. In App links are supported.

If an image is attached to the Milestone, it will be used as the badge for that Milestone. No Milestone image? No worries. The Journey's Badge will be used instead.


Badge icons should be 1024 x 1024 px PNG files with transparent backgrounds.

When a Journey or Milestone has not yet been completed, the badge is tinted grey and masked, to show the general shape of the award that the user is moving toward. This means you should use a PNG file with a transparent background. If you do not, an un-earned badge will appear to be a blank square.