MobileTools is being phased out and isn't being updated. But never fear! Widgets and GroupLife are up and running for all your mobile MinistryPlatform needs. And we promise to give you plenty of notice before it's time to say your final goodbyes to MobileTools.

MobileTools is one of the MinistryPlatform solution for mobile devices.


  • MobileTools is a responsive web application
  • Person Lookup – a complete replacement for mpMobile:
    • This tool allows you to look up people in your system on the go.
  • Care Cases – a feature that allows the creation and tracking of Congregation Care items by extending the Household Care Log:
    • You can track and assign hospital visitation, new mother care, extended care, etc.
  • Giving Dashboard – dashboard to the finance types to see the offering.
    • This data visualization compares the current year giving data to the previous year.
    • Additionally, it shows some breakdown data on giving units and new givers.
  • Group Manager – tool for small group leaders to engage with their group members:
    • From one interface Group Leaders can see who is in their group, add people, remove people, see group prayer requests and see care requests.
    • Group Leaders can send email and text messages and record attendance.

Video Topics: MobileTools

0:44 - System Updates
1:43 - Person Lookup
3:42 - Giving Dashboard
4:40 - Groups Manager
8:18 - Care Cases