Platform - Fall 2019

Don't miss the exciting new features including data shown in the User's preferred Time Zone and Locale, a Recent Records panel, enhanced File Preview, and new Simple Sign On option, and so much more detailed below!
Important! We recommend clearing your browser's cache as the changes in this update are large and often better enjoyed if you login with a fresh start!
User Interface / Layout / Graphics 
  • *New* Added Recent Record Panel which shows recently visited records. Clicking on an entry returns the user to the chosen record.
  • *New* Events which are part of a Series now display a drop-down which shows all Events in that Series.
  • *New* Enhanced page title displayed in browser tabs to indicate the current page or record (for example, Contacts or Smith, John), where the tab previously displayed the MinistryPlatform instance.
  • Enhanced Record navigation to allow a Sub-Page chosen on one Record to persist as the displayed Sub-Page when using the Prev/Next navigation.
  • Enhanced Global Filtering to apply the currently selected filter to drop-downs and pick lists.
  • Enhanced the Can Impersonate field to present only Yes/No options removing the formerly available "Undefined" option.
  • Enhanced Room Reservation to remove the previously deprecated field "Check In Count". 
  • Fixed an issue where Page Charts could cause the Search Results and Select Record Count to appear partially cut-off.
  • Fixed an issue where the Submit button did not have an icon.
  • Fixed an issue where viewing records in Gannt Layout shifted some records to appear one month earlier than the date specified.
  • Fixed an issue where certain instances included the field “Print Server Name” on the Print Server record rather than the correct field “Machine Name”.
  • Fixed an issue where an administrative User with access to specific Congregations via Global Filters could only grant access to other Congregations not granted to them. 
  • Fixed an issue where certain field validation messages were displayed only briefly then disappeared. 
UTC, Time Zone, and Locale
Important! The first time you log into the Platform after the Fall 2019 Platform update, all Users will be prompted to set your preferred Time Zone and Locale.  Due to this change, it is not a recommended best practice to have Company records with Platform Security Roles and may result in error.  To help identify any companies in your system with Platform rights please see this View Example.
Due to the exciting new Time Zone features and changes in this release, all DateTime fields now require time be entered when creating or editing within records.  Clicking the clock will auto-fill the time by rounding down to the nearest hour.

Users can now see date/time values in their preferred time zone and locale even if that is different than other Users due to differing locations, time zones, or cultures.

  • *New* All data - including Audit Log, Communications, and Notifications - is now stored and written in each church's appropriate Time Zone (for example, Central). As part of this exciting change, all stored data has been migrated from UTC to the appropriate Time Zone. This is a one time conversion.
  • *New* When new Users authenticate for the first time they will be prompted to choose their correct Time Zone and Locale. Existing Users will be prompted to choose this when they authenticate for the first time after the Fall 2019 Release. If null, the Domain record Time Zone will be used. 
  • Enhanced the User record as part of the Time Zone changes to present Time Zones and Locales as a list of options contained in a drop-down. 
  • Enhanced the User record Time Zone field to become an optional drop down.  At update, Time Zone value will be null for existing Users. New Users will default to null.
  • Enhanced the User record Locale field to become an optional drop down. At update, value will be null for existing Users. New Users will default to null.
  • Enhanced the Domain record as part of the Time Zone changes to include a Locale which determines date and currency formatting. Locale field added as a new, required drop down on Domain record. At update, value will be United States/English.

For more information related to UTC, Time Zone, and Locale changes, please see the UTC, Time Zone, and Locale changes Webinar

Important! As part of the Time Zone changes, the Domain Time Zone will no longer be UTC and has been set to each church's appropriate Time Zone. Please do not change this value. 
Authentication / User Account
  • *New* Custom Button URL field and New Custom Button Text field added to Domain record. The future My Household Widget will leverage these new fields. Please leave as blank.
  • *New* Images can now be uploaded for a Contact via User Account dialog. The most recently uploaded image will be set as their default.
  • *New* Simple Sign On feature, enabled at the Domain level, allows Users to authenticate using their password and username, mobile phone, or email address.
  • *New* Windows Authentication can now be configured for use as a Social Login (Identity Provider).
  • Enhanced Mobile Phone in the User Account Dialog to accept international numbers with spaces and dashes when these numbers are prepended by a '+'.
  • Enhanced User Account Dialog to include communication preferences such as opting out of texts or emails. 
  • Fixed an issue where an unauthenticated user navigating to a direct link in Firefox was presented with a blank page rather than Login.
  • Fixed an issue where users who attempted to reset their passwords from an expired link received an error.
Creating / Editing / Deleting Records
  • *New* File Viewer allows users to preview images in pop-up dialog and, if desired, rotate the image.
  • Enhanced the Attach File dialog to remember the most recently selected resize value. 
  • Enhanced drop-down fields so that values erased via backspace are set to a new value of (clear) when the field is not required.
  • Enhanced the Age field so that a Contact does not age after their Date of Death.
  • Enhanced attachments to optionally include the attachment for each record in a series.
  • Fixed an issue where the save icon was missing or imperceptibly small after editing an Attachment.
  • Fixed an issue where Views could not be copied when "Copy Attached Files" was selected in the Copy dialog.
  • Fixed an issue where an Event's start/end times were altered during copy if a recurrence pattern was created and the user was in a timezone different than the server.
  • Fixed an issue where creating a recurrence pattern while including the current record updated the source Event to the second occurrence date.
  • *New* Message Templates now allow restriction to a specific User or User Group. Templates may also be set to expire on a specified date based on the Expire Date (an existing Message record field that was previously not used by the New Message Tool). Note: The Active field is no longer evaluated by the New Message Tool.
  • Enhanced Source View for Rich Text Fields, including Message Body, to preserve spacing and line breaks included in the HTML.
  • Enhanced Messages by adding an explanatory tooltip to the field "Pertains to Page". 
  • Fixed an issue where Pages with a configured Messaging Default Sub-Page populated an incorrect Page in Select Message Recipients when the New Message Tool was launched sans Selection.
  • Fixed an issue where Record Titles shown in Select Message Recipients could overflow and become difficult to read.
  • Fixed an issue where repeatedly toggling between Basic Editor and Source View could result in an error in Rich Text Fields, including Message Body.
  • Fixed an issue where specifying a Company as a Delegate did not populate the Company's Display Name in Message Preview.
Charts / Dashboards
  • *New* Users can now update the data grid by choosing a Chart segment and are presented with data limited to this segment. 
  • Enhanced Chart labels by truncating them after 20 characters to ensure labels do not overlap.
  • Enhanced Charts by including a larger, pop-up view which can be accessed via the 3-dot icon in the top right of any Chart.
  • Enhanced Charts pop-up view to display percentages.
  • Enhanced Charts to display the total record count when Charts are viewed from the Dashboard. 
  • Enhanced the Dashboard so that Charts can be rearranged via drag and drop.
  • Enhanced Charts with Chart Type "KPI" to always be displayed as blue. This will prevent these Charts from appearing as red which often has negative associations.
Home Page
  • Fixed an issue where users could not search using commas as expected on My Selections.
Advanced Search / Views / Notifications
  • Enhanced Advanced Search to allow fields to be reordered via drag and drop.
  • Enhanced Sub-Page Views to appear in the drop-down alphabetically.
  • Fixed an issue where long View Titles could force a portion of the task bar to appear on a new line.
  • Fixed an issue where editing a View which contained certain operators in the filter clause intermittently caused Advanced Search to parse in such a way that the clause was altered without warning.
  • Fixed an issue where generating a direct link for a Sub-Page View within the Add Notification dialog led to an alternate Page.

Security Roles / Record Security
  • Fixed an issue where adding field-level restrictions on Contacts caused the page not to render properly.
  • Fixed an issue where removing Tools from a Security Role presented an unresponsive delete dialog if the action immediately followed removing Users from the same Security Role.
Processes / Tasks
  • Fixed an issue where Lookup Fields which exceeded 100 characters prevented Processes from successful execution.
  • *New* A limited set of fields from the Domain record are now exposed via the new /Domain endpoint.
  • Fixed an issue where single record look-ups using the Primary Key value returned an error.
Installation / Configuration
  • Enhanced performance by adding several new indexes. 
  • Enhanced applications to use the latest .Net framework which supports the latest TLS version.

Video: Coaching Corner