• A Group Inquiry record is an indication of interest in a specific Group.
  • The Group Inquiries page can be found in the People Lists folder; additionally, Inquiries made to specific Groups can be found on the Inquiries sub-page of a Group.
  • Group Inquiry records can be created automatically when someone indicates interest in a Group on Group Finder or via the Group Finder widget. Group Inquiry records can also be created manually in the Platform on the Group Inquiries page or the Inquiries sub-page in a Group.
Inquiry Record Fields
  • Group: Group the person expressed interest in
  • Contact: Person who expressed interest
  • Inquiry Date: Date the person expressed interest
  • First Name, Last Name, Phone, Email, Comments: Information provided by the person if they expressed interest via Group Finder or Group Finder Widget
  • Placed: a way for staff to indicate whether the person was placed in the Group they inquired about. Setting Placed to Yes does not automatically add the person as a Participant in the Group. Note: Professional Services has created a Ready Made Solution to automatically add placed Inquiries as Group Participants, so check it out if you're interested!
  • From Group Finder: appears as False, as this is for a future enhancement.

Managing Inquiries

  • When Inquiry records are created via Group Finder or Group Finder widget the Inquiry record might be assigned to Default Contact if the system couldn't make a confident match to an existing Contact Record. It's recommended that you reassign the Default Contacts to real records. To do so, open the Inquiry record, click Edit, indicate the correct person in the Contact field and click Save. If the person doesn't yet have a record in MinistryPlatform, create one using the Add/Edit Family Tool.
  • Leaders and Primary Contacts of Groups can manage Inquiries made to their Group on My Groups or via GroupLife. The Primary Contact of the Group's Parent Group does not have this functionality. Also, only Inquiries generated via Group Finder or via the Group Finder Widget can be managed on My Groups. Inquiries created manually in the Platform cannot be managed in My Groups or GroupLife. Lastly, a Group Inquiry does not show on My Groups if it is submitted by someone who is already an active Participant in the Group.
  • Staff who manage Inquiries in the Platform can utilize the Placed field to track placements. Remember: setting the Placed field to Yes does not automatically add the person to the Group.  They need to be. added to the Group manually unless you're using Professional Service's Ready Made Solution for automatic Group placement.
  • Any current Group Participant or open Group Inquiry record will count towards the total in the group and close the group if a target size is indicated.