External Links


Links can be included in your Messages sent via the New Message Tool. This is a great alternative to sending large attachments (i.e., place the file somewhere accessible to users, and then include a link to that file in the Message).

  1. Launch the New Message Tool.
  2. Type your content into the message body. 
  3. Highlight the text you want to include the link.
  4. Click the Link button in the formatting options. 
  5. Indicate the URL in the Link URL field (if you forget to include http://, the dialog asks and then does it for you).
  6. Click Insert.
  7. To receive a copy of the Message for review before sending to all Recipients, choose "Send to Me." Note: "Send to Me" Messages will include, but not render: merge fields, data fields, and snippets. Files sent as attachments will be included, but files attached as links will not be included. Choose wisely!