Data Fields



  • If desired, you can include Data Fields in your Message. These are merge fields that allow you to quickly and easily add page-specific data to a Message.
  • Data Fields are available on every page except Contacts.
  • The Data Fields drop-down is dependent on the Default Field List of that page (All Records view).
  • Data Merge fields are always associated with a Page other than Contacts. To use them, the Message must be sent to a Contact via the selected records, rather than directly. In the example below, the Data Merge Fields are coming from the "Opportunities" page (notice the Page identified in the drop-down) and Contact is the Primary Contact of the Opportunity. This is specified in the "Contact ID Field" field in the "Opportunities" Page.

Using Data Fields

  1. Launch the New Message Tool.
  2. Place your cursor in the desired location in your Message text.
  3. In the Data Fields drop-down, select the desired Data Field. The Data Field then inserts into the location your cursor is in.
  4. Preview and Send your Message as normal.

Missing Data Field

If the Data Field you need isn't currently in the drop-down, a SPoC can add a field to the Default Field list on a Page. Adding a Default Field to a Page makes the field available in the New Message Tool. Below is an example in which the Statement Method's Description field is added to the Donors page:
  1. Determine the value/field name to add; a simple way to do this is to go to the Page you're going to add the field to, click the Advanced Search button, insert the field you want to add into the Advanced Search tool, click the SQL Layout tab and note the field name in the Field List box. In this case, we'd note Statement_Method_ID_Table.Description as the field name to add.


  1. System Setup > Pages
  2. Search for and open desired page (in this case, the Donors page)
  3. Edit
  4. In the Default Field List, add the field name you got during Step 1 (including any underscores is recommended). The order the Field List is in is the order the All Records view will appear in
  5. Save

Specifying Contacts

The Contact ID Field is set on the Page record.

The value (SQL string) can be determined the same as Step #1 above as long as it ends in Contact_ID. Once the Value is determined, add the value to the Contact ID Field on the appropriate page. This allows the Contacts associated with the selected records to be attached to the Messages.