Email & Text Quotas


Each user has a maximum amount of Messages they can send at one time. If a user attempts to send a Message to more people than they're allowed, they're receive a warning and not be able to send their message.

Updating a User's Email & Text Quotas
A User's email and text quotas are determined by their Security Roles, which SPoCs control and can update. The number of emails and/or texts a User can send is equal to the maximum quota for the Roles they have.

To update an Email and/or Text Quotas, open the desired Security Role and update the Mass Email Quota field. When doing so, note:

  • User with an Email Quota of 0 will be unable to launch the New Message Tool. The Tool will appear greyed out. 
  • The current limit for an Email Quota is 32,766. If you attempt to add a larger number, we'll let you know it's too high ;) 
  • The system honors the Quota of the user logged in, even if they are sending on behalf of someone else who has a different quota (for example, if a user with 2,000 quota sends on behalf of someone with a 500 quota, the system honors the 2,000 quota of the person logged in).
  • Quota's are evaluated based on selected Recipients. Features such as Send to Parents are permitted to exceed a User's Email Quota, as long as the initial selection does not.
  • To see the Email Quotas for all users, use the Email Quota Max View on the Users page.