Sub-Page Views


Sub-Page Views appear in Sub-Pages in the row of tabs. Most of the information regarding Page Views is also true for Sub-Page Views.


Creating Sub-Page Views

Personal Views can be created using the Advanced Search Tool. All sub-page views may be managed in the System Setup > Sub-Page Views.
Sub-Page Views can only be Global (accessible by all users) or personal, they cannot be assigned to a User Group.

Sub-Page View Fields

The following fields are available in the System Setup > Sub-Page Views page:
  • View Title: Title of the View, which appears in sub-page view drop-down.
  • Sub Page: The sub-page this view is associated with.
  • Description: Optional description
  • Field List: List of fields. Leave this blank to use the defaults for the Target Page.
  • View Clause: The SQL filter for the View. This is the WHERE clause without the "WHERE" keyword.
  • Order By: The SQL sort order. This is the ORDER BY clause without the "ORDER BY" keywords.
  • User: If a User is listed, this a Personal View only available to the User.
  • Messaging View: If True, this View will appear in the Recipients List of the New Message Tool.