Page View Fields


The following fields are available in System Setup > Page Views.

  • View Title: Title of the view; appears in page view drop-down.
  • Page: The page this view is associated with.
  • Description: Optional description
  • Field List: List of fields. Leave this blank to use the defaults for the Page
  • View Clause: The SQL filter for the view. This is the WHERE clause without the "WHERE" keyword.
  • Order By: The SQL sort order. This is the ORDER BY clause without the "ORDER BY" keywords. The most efficient way to use this field is to use the field aliases used by your fields. The sort is the last thing applied by the database engine, after all calculations have been made so a comma delimited list of field aliases will sort the results efficiently. To sort reverse-alphabetical or high-to-low, use the DESC keyword after the field alias or name.
  • User: If a User is listed, this a Personal View only available to the User.
  • User Group: If a User Group is selected, this is a Shared View, available to all members of the User Group.

Re-Using Page Fields

Tip: If there is an existing view on the same page that contains some or all the fields you want in your view, you can leverage the field list already started.

  • Have a SPoC copy the entire view to create a new view and make you the User so you can further edit.
    1. System Setup > Page Views.
    2. Open the desired View record.
    3. Click Copy.
    4. Click Edit.
    5. Change the User and/or User Group.
    6. Click Save.
      *Note - not all views created are able to be edited via the advanced view tool - if the view includes certain SQL logic the view must only be edited in the system setup area.
  • Have a SPoC copy the desired fields from the view and paste them into your view.
    1. System Setup > Page Views.
    2. Open the desired View record.
    3. Click Edit.
    4. In the field list, copy the desired fields.
    5. Click Cancel.
    6. Click Close.
    7. Open the other View record.
    8. Click Edit.
    9. In the field list, paste the copied field (make sure they are in the desired order and separated by a comma).
    10. Click Save.
      *Note: If the view you want to add fields to, have no other fields in the "Field List" field, you may need to copy all of the fields from the appropriate page on the Pages page. To do this: 
      1. System Setup > Pages
      2. Open the desired Page
      3. Click Edit
      4. In the Default Fields, copy the appropriate fields (usually all of them)
      5. Click Cancel
      6. Open the view record
      7. In the field list, paste the copied fields (make sure they are in the desired order and separated by a comma)
      8. Click Save.