Staff Transitions


Life happens .... people on your staff team change seats .... add or remove hats ....have babies .... and come and go. In fact, we created an entire Responsibilities Transfer report to help with these transitions!

Remember to keep us in the loop! Please notify Support when: 1) a staff member staff member who receives notifications leaves your team; 2). an existing SPoC leaves your team; 3) or a new SPoC joins (or is identified on) your team. It will help keep our records updated and make sure right people are connected with MP resources and communications.
Termination, Position Change, or Temporary Leave

Whenever your church has staff changes, review these areas to make sure MP access is up to date.

Basic Users

Super Users

Admin & SPoC Users

Remember: Portal access is something open to your community (outside your staff) and requires a login and password. We recommend removing Security Roles and not deleting the User. This way they can still access the Portal for personal purposes like getting their giving statement or registering for an Event.