Page Sections and Order

Any changes on Page records and Section records should be done with extreme caution and only by a SPoC who understands the ramifications. If you have questions, please contact Support. We don't recommend that you make changes to Page or Section names, as it makes it more difficult for your Users to leverage the Knowledge Base, might prevent certain updates/enhancements from being applied and might delay Think Ministry in providing support.

The navigation structure and order of the Platform Main Menu is controlled by settings on the Page and Page Section records.

Change Sort Order
  1. Go to System Setup > Pages and open the desired Page record.
  2. Click Edit.
  3. Change the View Order.
  4. Click Save.
Add a Page to a Section
  1. Go to System Setup > Page Sections and open the desired Page Section record.
  2. On the Pages sub-page, click New.
  3. Select the desired Page.
  4. Click Save.
Users must log out and back and/or refresh their browser to see changes applied. Changes are not User dependent, but system-wide for all Users. If a User has "too many options" in the navigation, we recommend modifying their Security Roles to only include pages that they need to access, thus, removing any "clutter" from their navigation.