Impersonate User



  • The Impersonate Platform User Tool allows you to quickly log into the Platform as another user.
  • The tool allows you to assist other Platform users for items such as troubleshooting issues, providing training, ensuring Security Roles are set appropriately and taking specific actions on a user's behalf (e.g., completing Tasks).
  • The tool is typically used by SPoCs or other high-level users.

Initial Setup

In order to have access to this tool, a SPoC must set the Can Impersonate field to Yes on the appropriate User record. Note that the User record Can Impersonate field only control access to this tool and not the Impersonate Portal User Tool.

Impersonating a Platform user

  1. In the Platform, click your Display Name in the upper right corner of the screen.
  2. In the pop-up window that appears, start typing the name (Last Name, First Name) of the person you want to impersonate.
  3. When the correct name appears, click the name.

  1. Click Go. Once your screen refreshes, you are logged in as the other user. You will remain logged in as that user until you click Log Out.