Q1: When I'm using Internet Explorer only to access the Contacts page, I'm receiving an error message: "The requested page does not support Calendar and Gantt layouts." Other users are not having this issue.  What do I need to do?
The page-specific customizations (views, column orders, etc.) are all stored in the browser's local storage. In Internet Explorer, the easiest way to clear local storage is to push F12 which brings up the developer's console. Then, click the console tab. Type localStorage.clear(); into the bar and press enter. This flushes the local storage of the browser and should get you moving again.

Q2: Is there anything we should know about anti-virus software on our MinistryPlatform server?
You want to have your anti-virus software configured to exclude the MP Tools folder from its scan. The anti-virus software incorrectly identifies our executable as a virus and removes it, which then causes emails to stop flowing.

Q3: How can we ensure we're PCI compliant?
Think Ministry doesn't do anything with PCI except make sure our software is compliant. Normally, your credit card processor company requires you to have your infrastructure scanned quarterly to ensure that the infrastructure (firewall, servers, websites, etc.) that touches credit card data is fully compliant (Note: even if you don't store credit card numbers, you still transmit numbers). Many MP churches work with companies like TrustWave or SecurityMetrics to facilitate this scanning.

Here are some resources some churches have found helpful in the PCI Compliance process:

Q4: For sound disaster recovery and business continuation, what MinistryPlatform-related items should be backed-up?
You need to backup:

  • W:\_MinistryPlatformFileStorage
  • W:\_MinistryPlatformTools
  • W:\Webroot
  • SQL Databases

Q5: Can MinistryPlatform be an OAuth provider?
Yes, MinistryPlatform can be an OAuth provider for the Platform. The endpoint is:


Q6: How can I see who and/or how many people are logging into the Portal?
 You can see this by going to Administration > Authentication Log. The Portal/API tracks logins from the localhost IP address. Or you could create a view on the Users page based on the User Activity view for only Users without Security Roles.

Q7: How can I see who and/or how many people have Security Roles?
You can see this by going to Administration > Users and choosing the Users with Security Roles view.

Q8: What web browser and version do you recommend we use with the Platform for optimum performance?
The Platform can be used with a major browser. Our churches (and our team) use a variety of browsers including Firefox (regular, not ESR), Chrome, Edge, Internet Explorer, and Safari. We typically recommend staying up-to-date with the latest browser version available.

Q9: What do I need to know about time zones in the platform?
All user accounts should be set to be blank, null, or UTC. Your Domain Account record should be set to UTC. All event start and end times will work in your local time. If you live in EST and you set your event to start at 7:00pm, it will start at 7:00pm EST rather than 7:00pm UTC. The audit log records ARE recorded in UTC time. 

Q10: We are getting a new church logo. Where should we make this update in our MP applications?
Logos primarily need to be updated on the Domain record, and Accounting Company record as attached files. Other places to consider for updates include:

  • Portal Admin Templates
  • Check In Suite Labels
  • Check In Suite Themes
  • Message Templates
  • Portal Skin
  • Custom reports
  • Events or Groups using the logo as their default image (switch the View format to Image to see these quickly!)