Configuration Settings



Each application associated with MinistryPlatform depends upon several configuration settings. These settings tell the application many things. For example:

  • Error message text when someone tries to create a new account on the Portal.
  • The Household Source to use when a user creates a new donor from the Batch Manager Tool.
  • The number of minutes Check-In should wait before reverting to the search screen.

Application Specific Settings


  • Most Configuration Settings can be found in Administration > Configuration Settings.
  • As a SPoC, you have sufficient rights to edit Configuration Settings, but you should exercise caution. Improperly editing Configuration Settings can result in application errors. These errors may not reveal themselves until the next time the application is reset and new Configuration Settings are loaded. Please consult Support for assistance in editing any Configuration Settings.
  • When editing a Configuration Setting, only the Value field should be changed.  The Application Code or Key Name should not be edited. You should never delete Configuration Settings. You should only add new Configuration Settings in rare cases as part of additional development extending the Platform. 
  • After updating a configuration setting, you will need to reload the configuration settings for the appropriate application related to the setting you changed.


  • Never delete a Configuration Setting unless instructed to do so by Support.
  • Changing a Configuration Setting value may require research. 
  • The new value may need to be a specific type of data or may need to fall within a certain range. For example, changing a 1 to a 1.5 may not be acceptable.
  • Some Configuration Settings need to be valid Primary Keys in a specific table in MinistryPlatform. Change these only to other valid Primary Key values.
  • Some Configuration Settings are stored in Web.Config files associated with a specific application. Think Ministry, Inc can change these upon request at no charge to customers with a current support agreement.
Most applications reset and reload new settings after 24 hours, so don't be surprised if your Configuration Setting changes don't take effect immediately.