Authentication Log


The Authentication Log is a record that logs authentications (for example, logins) for all MinistryPlatform applications. The page is found in Administration > Authentication Log.

  • Login attempts via the Portal, API and Server may show the IP Address for localhost.
  • The portal does not populate the Referrer field.
  • Successful logins will have the User ID populated. Failed attempts will not.
  • The "Keep me logged in" option in the platform will keep a User logged in for 3 months.

If you see discrepancies in your Authentication Log, review who has permission to impersonate, as well as consider changing passwords.

Record Fields

User Name*: The User Name of the Contact who authenticated
Server Name*: The URL of your MP server
IP Address*: The IP address of your MP server
Date Time*: The date and time authenticated
User ID: The User ID of the Contact who authenticated
Referrer: The MP application visited to Login (Platform, Portal, etc.)