Platform Integration

Important: After receiving the CloudTools April 2018 update, you'll need to set up the tool with your SendGrid account following the steps below.
  1. From the Domains/Accounts page of the Platform, click Tools > SendGrid Processor:
    • Copy the URL generated.
    • Click Close.
  2. Login into SendGrid:
    • Under Mail Settings, find and enable the Event Notification option.
    • Paste the URL generated by the SendGrid Processor Tool into the HTTP POST URL field.
    • Select the options you want email to be cleaned. We ONLY recommend Bounced, Mark as SPAM, Delivered, Opened, and Clicked.
    • Click Save.

Video Topics: SendGrid Processor

0:22 - Using the Tool in the Platform
0:40 - Setting up options in SendGrid
1:07 - Tracking emails removed in the Platform