Products and Options



  • A Product is what controls the payment total for an Event registration.
  • Products are commonly used to allow users to register for paid events (like a seminar or conference) or collect additional required (and sometimes paid) information.
  • Products can be free (so, collect $0).
  • A Product is one of the required items in order for Event registration to be live. 
  • Option Groups can optionally be associated with Products to provide additional options during registration. For example:
    • Free potluck (Product) with optional free childcare (Option Group).
    • Free Bible study (Product) with required paid book materials (Option Group).
    • Paid event (Product) with optional extras (Option Group).
    • Paid event (Product) with no optional extras.
  • Products can be reused for multiple Events, over multiple years. The only time this is not a good idea is if you are using the max- quantity within an Option Prices since registrants from other Events will be applied to that quantity.
    • When reusing a Product, Option Prices can be inactivated or added without issue. Creating a View within the Option Price Sub-page of the Option Group can help you see which ones are active and which aren't. See Creating Option Groups & Prices for more information.

Video Topics: Working with Products and Options

0:29 - Event Registration Process
1:21 - Creating a Product with Options
2:22 - Adding Product Option Prices
5:14 - Testing the New Product

For Online Event Registration Set-up & Management basics, download Online Registration Start Guide (PDF).