Report Subscriptions

Subscribing to a report from Ministry Platform starts with running the report you desire to subscribe to. 
For this example, the “Tasks Incomplete” report found under System Admin > Users is run and subscribed to.

1. Run the Report

Log into MinistryPlatform and go to the report you would like to run:
  1. System Admin > Users.
  2. Run the  “Tasks Incomplete” report.
  3. In the address bar your link should look something like this but with different values:

2. Dissect the URL

For most reports in MinistryPlatform, you need the following elements from the URL of the report you want to subscribe to. Those elements are:
  • DomainID: An alphanumeric sting representing your MP installation.
  • UserID*: An alphanumeric sting representing the MP user to run the report.
    • This specifies the user who is running the report so if the report is contextually sensitive to the user that runs it, the report reflects that particular user. If a different user needs to be the one shown in the executed report, copy that users GUID from System Admin > Users and use it for the UserID variable.
  • PageID: An integer representing the specific page you requested the report from.
  • SelectionID: An optional integer parameter indicating the selection of records to pass the report.
Keep those variable values handy, you’ll need them in just a few steps!

3. Login to SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS)

Log into your SSRS instance in your browser (IE works best).
You should be able to get there by modifying the link from step 1 slightly. Instead of going to https://my.domain.tld/ReportServer/ change the link to change the link and go to: https://my.domain.tld/Reports/

4. Download the Report

  1. In your browser window you should see a folder called “MPReports.”
  2. Click on it and find the report “Tasks Incomplete.” There is a search field in the upper right to help narrow your selection as there are a lot of reports.
  3. Click the arrow next to the report title and choose “Download.” (for version 2016, select "MANAGE" and then download from the manage screen)
  4. Save as "Tasks Incomplete Subscription."

5. Duplicate Stored Procedures

  1. Open saved report to find our all of the stored procedures that make up the report within the Datasets.
  2. For each Dataset, find the stored procedure and create a new one with subscription name at the end of the new stored procedure name. 
  3. Modify the stored procedure if it uses “SelectionID” to return the data that normally would be selected by a user.

6. Modify Saved Report

The steps below assume you are using Report Builder installed on the server. Additional steps may be required if you are working on the file elsewhere:.
  1. Link the Datasets with "Subscription" to this new report.
  2. Link the "MPSubscriptions" Data Source to the report.
  3. Save the Report

7. Subscribe to the New Report

Click the arrow next to the report title and choose “Subscribe.”
Fill in the subscription information and using the values from the URL mentioned above:
  • Delivered By:  Default is Email (alternatively can export to a Windows File Share)
  • To: The destination email address of the person(s) receiving the message
  • CC: Any possible Carbon Copied recipients
  • BCC: Any possible Blind Carbon Copied recipients
  • Reply-To: Where you would like any reply messages to go
  • Subject: The subject of the email
  • Include Report: Whether to attach the report to the e-mail and what format
  • Include link: Whether to include the link to the report in the message (user must have windows rights to normally get to the reports server through MP)
  • Priority: The message priority (Low, Normal, High)
  • Comment: The body of the message, if you wanted to say anything
  • Select Schedule: Select when and how often (one-time or recurring) you want to run the subscription
  • DomainID: From Step 2
  • UserID: From Step 2
  • PageId: From Step 2
The following values are Report specific. They differ depending on the Report:.
  • Completed: What type of tasks to look for
  • Task to include: Which task to include (UserID contextually sensitive, see step 2)
  • Tasks starting after: If you want to specify a firm start date

8. Finish

Click OK.  You should now have an active (one time or recurring) SQL subscription.

Additional Resources