External Login Authentication



Note: This functionality is currently available for the PlatformWidgets, and LifeApps. But is not available for the Portal.

For logging into the Platform, you can set up external login authentication using any of the applications listed below. Just click on the name of the application you're interested in adding to get started!

Sign-up & Sign-in Supported

Supported

After configuring each external login authentication, the app pool will need to be recycled. Don't have access to your server? No problem! Users with Setup Admin set to True on their User Record will have a Reset Auth App on their User Profile. Clicking that button will make the external login authentication option available, no server access required.

Important! We no longer support external authentication with Twitter or LinkedIn. If these were configured in the past, they might still work. However, adding or updating configuration for these may no longer work.

Individual User Setup

Users can set up and manage external identities (social logins) by going to MinistryPlatform > Display Name > Edit User Account > Social Logins. See System & User Resources for step-by-step details.

These identities are stored on the Identities sub-page of the User record.