Default Field Values

This article is about default values for nullable fields when creating new records. These values should be set or changed by an experienced system administrator or by Professional Services.
This should not be confused with Configuration Settings, which control default settings which are configurable in the Platform.

Nullable (Non-Required) Fields

When a new record is created, a default value is inserted for any nullable fields with a default value defined in SQL Server.
Default values have no impact on required fields in the Platform.


If you have a field Groups.Target_Size with a default value of 12, that value is automatically saved in the field if left empty when creating a new Group record.

Side Effects

A user sees default values when opening a new record and can change the value before saving. In the example above, the Group Target_Size would start as 12.  
NoteIf a User is surprised that a value appears in a new record, even though they did not type it in, most likely a default value is set for the field. 
This can be useful for fields that you want to ensure are set with a particular value and not left null. If you are creating custom fields, be mindful of this if you add a default value.
Potential Errors
If a default is defined on a Foreign Key field and the default value doesn't not have a corresponding record in the related table, the following Error can result:
Record corresponding to provided identifier is not found: Parameter name: value
To fix this Error, change the default value defined in the database.