Application Labels


The Application Label page identifies Field Labels of various translations across different API Clients and Applications (for example, Platform, Check-In Suite, Widgets, etc.).  We will provide all application labels by translation for the currently supported options: English, Spanish, Portuguese, and Mandarin. Want to translate your Application Labels into a different language? You can do that! Note: You'll need to add a custom field to the Application Label record and will be responsible for translations into your chosen language. 

Please exercise caution when working with the Applications Labels.  Translations may be reworded but please note churches are responsible for providing their own translations if the default is not used.

Application Label Fields

  • API Client: Defines which Application the respective set of translations applies.
  • Label Name: The code directing the application to a specific field label in the respective application.  Important: Do Not Edit!
  • English: The English translation for the application label.
  • Spanish: The Spanish translation for the application label.
  • Chinese: The Mandarin translation for the application label.
  • Portuguese: The Portuguese translation for the application label. 
Any application label translation that is left blank will use English, if available when that translation is chosen. If English is not available, it will appear blank.


  1. System Setup > Application Labels.
  2. Search for the desired label. Pro Tip: Use the column search to narrow results by the specific application and/or a partial field name (for example, "*success")
  3. Open the desired label.
  4. Click Edit.
  5. Make the desired changes. Note: See both warnings above!
  6. Click Save.
Note: It will take about 15 minutes for Application Label changes to be applied. If you want to see changes immediately, either refresh your cache or use incognito mode.


In the example below, a church may edit the translation of the Campus drop-down label for the Group Finder Widget to Congregation, Parish, or to their desired verbiage.

Label translation as it appears on the Group Finder Widget: