Extending the Platform


MinistryPlatform can be extended in a variety of ways. Each of our customers has the flexibility to build additional pages, sub-pages, views, reports and more within MinistryPlatform. Our open architecture database format allows you to create custom tables and fields in your database without impacting MinistryPlatform upgrades and customizations. Additionally, our robust API can be used to create entirely custom applications (web and desktop)!

MinistryPlatform Features

There are many customizations that can be made to the platform without writing any code. The platform is built to make this extension easy and automatic. The User-Interface is driven by an intuitive model of with Sections, Pages, Sub-Pages and Views.

SQL and Database Topics

The platform is built as an abstraction on top of SQL Server, so many SQL skills and features are directly useable in the platform.

Application Development 

The platform supports a robust api so the system can be extended through custom application development.

Custom Reports

The system may also be extended by creating custom Reports. The reports can be fully integrated so they can be launched directly from the platform with or without Selections.