Data Quality


This section covers:

  1. How to keep your MinistryPlatform database current.
  2. How to validate, correct and maintain the data in your MinistryPlatform database.
  3. How to get the most from the data in your MinistryPlatform database.

See the following sections for more details.

Data Quality Team

The Data Quality Team is a User Group that is created during your MinistryPlatform implementation. Add users to this group so that they can the Data Quality Views (views in MinistryPlatform that start with the word Fix). 

Data Quality Views

Each view displays records on that page that need to be reviewed and possibly updated. Your church may create additional Data Quality Team views or request assistance from Support for views which reveal data quality issues unique to your setting. For example, you may not want someone to serve in children's ministry who is not a member of the church. That kind of view can be created and titled "Fix: Non Member Serving".

See Data Quality Views 

Data Quality Reports

See Data Quality Reports 

Common Data Quality Issues

See Common Data Quality Issues

Correcting Data Quality Issues

See Correcting Data Quality Issues 

Video Topics: Working with Data

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1:58 - Working with Selections
3:38 - The Assign Button
5:38 - Data Maintenance Using Page Views