Congregations are made up of Households that worship together in the same place, at the same time and under the same pastor:
  • For a multi-site church, the congregation may be synonymous with physical location (campus, site).
  • For a multi-venue church, the congregation may be more closely associated with the style of worship or even age demographic.
  • For a multi-ethnic church, the congregation may be more closely associated with language groups.
  • For a traditional church, a separate congregation may be needed to temporarily manage the households that are part of a new church plant sponsored by the church.
From the standpoint of the database, the Congregation is a parent entity for the following:
  • Households: The primary congregation with which the Household worships.
  • Groups: Depending on the type of Group, the Group may serve that Congregation, be made up primarily of people from that Congregation, or be based in the same location as that Congregation; e.g., Main Campus 10 am Hospitality Team.
  • Programs: The ongoing ministry efforts overseen by the Ministry Departments that engage this Congregation; e.g., Main Campus Worship Service.
  • Events: The calendared activities of this Congregation; e.g., 10 am Worship Service Main Campus on June 3rd, 2012.