Bulk Mail


The following are possible approaches to Bulk Mail.

Using a Mailing Company

Some churches send their data from MinistryPlatform to the mailing house for two reasons: 

  • They not have integrated presorting
  • They were having a hard time getting volunteers for the fold/stuff/post portion of the job.

Using Intelligent Mail From USPS.com

Use the USPS website to prep your mailings. This option allows you handle bulk mailing without a mailing house or software system.

See Intelligent MailĀ® for Small Business Mailers (IMsb)

Manual Presort

This approach is useful primarily when using windowed envelopes where the name and address is printed right on the letter instead of on the envelope. 

  1. Determine several groupings for distribution
  2. Print statements based on the first several digits of the zip to get your groupings
  3. Fold and stuff into envelopes with your bulk mail permit pre-printed on them
  4. Fill the trays according to zip groupings adding the required USPS tag to each tray
  5. Fill out the with USPS form with totals
  6. Drop the form and trays off at the bulk mail office of the post office. 

Internal Software

Load an export file from MinistryPlatform into your own internal mailing software to generate the labels, tray labels, and presort reports for the USPS.  This is not much different from using USPS (above).

How MinistryPlatform Can Help?

See Bulk Mail > Preparing Data