Initial Setup 

An account with PocketPlatform must be established before the integration with MinistryPlatform can be configured. Please visit the PocketPlatform website to schedule a demo.


Fees from PocketPlatform will be assessed as per each church's individual contract agreement. Current pricing is available on the PocketPlatform website: https://pocketplatform.io/pricing/.

Effective June 2020 - Customers who purchase PocketPlatform through MinistryPlatform will have a separate maintenance line in addition to their MP maintenance line. Customers will be able to cancel PocketPlatform at any time by providing 60 days notice. MinistryPlatform maintenance will remain unchanged. Unified invoicing and support is only for NEW customers. Existing PocketPlatform customers will have NO CHANGE to their invoicing and/or support.

*NEW* PocketPlatform Gamification

What better way to engage your congregation than to give them an incentive to complete certain challenges with regards to involvement in your church? With PocketPlatform’s Gamification Process you will be able to reward users with badges and progress bars as they find new ways to engage with community, develop their spiritual journey, and find more areas of spiritual and Kingdom growth in their lives.

Check out this new and exciting feature from PocketPlatform!

List of live features

  • Event Calendar
  • Group Finder
  • Opportunity Finder
  • Web Views & External Links
  • MP Login & OAuth
  • Sermons & Media
  • Sermon Notes
  • Online Giving Integration
  • General Content Engine
  • Push Notifications
  • Forms
  • Live Streaming Integration
  • Measurable Engagement Analytics
  • Customizable Branding
  • Reading Plans
  • Event Registration
  • In-App Reminders
  • Check-In
  • Dynamic Content Engine
  • Add to Calendar 
  • Custom Forms 
  • Alternate Authentication
  • Webview / Native Interface 
  • User Specific Navigation
  • Multi-Task Media Player
  • Group Management
  • Connect Card
  • Journey + Milestone Badges
  • Roku And Apple Tv App
  • Media Manager With Integrated Transcoding Of Video To Audio And Transcribed Plaint Text


Support for existing PocketPlatform customers is provided by PocketPlatform. Their Support team can be reached by email: helpdesk@pocketplatform.io.

Customers who purchased PocketPlatform through MP may also send tickets to Support.

*Existing MP customers who purchase PocketPlatform through MP may request 2 hours of free coaching on getting their data ready for PocketPlatform.  New MP customers who purchase PocketPlatform will receive PocketPlatform coaching for free as part of their MP onboarding process.

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