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Front Porch's Wi-Fi Presence uses your existing Wi-Fi technology to bring new visibility to church attendance, enabling churches to see individual attendance trends in a new way. Front Porch's integration with MinistryPlatform's CloudServices connects this data to real people in your MP database to better understand member engagement and connect with visitors!

Initial Setup and Requirements

An account with Front Porch must be established before the integration with MinistryPlatform can be configured. Once established, the integration must be configured and enabled by Think Ministry.

Please email Support to configure the captive portal. Your church logo (preferably with a transparent background) for the captive portal must be provided as part of your Support request. Also, if you want the captive portal page to use content different than the provided stock instructions and Terms & Conditions, please provide the desired language as well.

Once configured, you will work with Front Porch to test the captive portal and set a go live date.

Data in MinistryPlatform

Since CloudServices has been deployed to all systems, you will see a section (folder) for "FrontPorch Wifi" and two new tables in your MP database:

  • Wifi Devices
  • Wifi Device Sessions

These pages will not be active unless the Front Porch integration has been configured.

See the field helps for more information on what each field in these records represents.

Currently, what each church does with this data is up to them! Engage with Professional Services to explore options like: adding Activity Log records for Wifi Sessions, marking attendance based on Wifi Sessions, custom view and reports, etc!

Front Porch's interface offers several reports for viewing trends based on type, location, day/time, etc.

For updates to your captive portal's logo, instructions, terms and conditions, email Support.

New Features

Contact Creation
  1. Send request to Support to turn on verification link and add email template
  2. Update CLOUDSERVICES,FrontPorchWelcomeFromEmail Configuration setting with the FROM Email Address to be used when sending new Wifi users the welcome email
  3. User goes to Captive Portal
  4. If no match can be made (first, last, email), the user is sent an email (based on CLOUDSERVICES,FrontPorchWelcomeTemplateID Configuration Setting) with an encrypted link
  5. If the linked is clicked, Contact, Participant and Household records get created in MP and linked to the device
Profile Completion

If you are using Contact Creation, you can also enable profile completion. Once enabled, when the user clicks the Complete Sign In button in the email they received (image above),  they will be directed to a second screen that notifies them their profile has been started and then asks for additional information to complete their record. If this is not enabled, users end up directly in the captive portal.

Additional Customizable Configuration Settings

  • Logo
  • Captive Portal Title 
  • Captive Portal Instructions
  • Text Color
  • Font Color
  • Button Color
  • Post Verification Redirect URL (optional) - will bring them to any desired landing page (entire URL required)

For updates to the terms and conditions, email Support.



    Cloud Services subscription is required.

    There is no charge from Think Ministry for configuring the integration. Fees from Front Porch will be assessed as per each church's individual contract agreement.


    Support is provided by Front Porch. Their Support team can be reached at:

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