CloudService Applications cost $25/month for any or all; installation is included. Future enhancements/updates and support are also included. The specific services you want can be configured upon request.

  • Contact Status Management  // Automatically will inactivate or reactivate Contacts based on custom rules for each Participant Type.
  • Front Porch Wifi Presence Integration  // Enables captive portal as entry for user onto your wifi system and data capture by Front Porch. Required in addition to an account with Front Porch.
  • Geocoding Utility // Uses the Bing API to geocode addresses.
  • Distance and Drive Time Utility // Uses the Bing API to calculate the number of miles and number of driving minutes from the Household Address to the Household Congregation Address. 
  • ICS Event Calendar Feed // The ICS Calendar Feed provides a calendar in an iCalendar format.
  • Background Check Consent PDF Email // Automatically PDFs the Background Check Consent and emails it to Protect My Ministry to ensure compliance with Georgia state laws.
  • Front Porch Extensions // Automatically adds Event Participant records to an Event the night after so they can be used in attendance.
  • Image Resizer // Automatically resize images attached to Groups, Opportunities, and/or Events to a specified max height and/or width.