Key Changes & Enhancements


The new Check-In Suite changes, combines, enhances, and adds many features compared to the legacy Check-In 2 and stand-alone Classroom Manager! Below are some highlights of key changes and enhancements to be aware of as you make the transition.

*Important* Action is required on your part to use the new Check-In Suite. See Initial Setup for details on how and what needs to be reviewed and setup. This includes updating Events, Rooms, and Groups.


  • Check-In 2 and Classroom Manager are now part of one single application - Check-In Suite.
  • Check-In 2 functionality is now part of the Check-In Kiosk.
  • How Groups and Rooms relate to Events has changed:
    • Groups:
      • Groups are now connected to an Event with Rooms via a Room Reservation.
      • On the Groups page, there is a *new* sub page called Events & Rooms.
      • The Events and Rooms sub pages are being deprecated and will eventually be removed.
    • Events:
      • On the Events page, the Rooms sub page has been renamed Rooms & Groups.
      • Additionally, this page now has a Group field for selecting the Group to associate with the Room.
    • Rooms:
      • On the Rooms page, the Events sub page has been renamed Events & Groups.
  • Several concepts/fields/records have been deprecated related to Check-In 2 and Classroom Manager:
    • Records no longer created and/or referenced (This data is now explicit to the Room Reservation created for the Event (where a Group can be set):
      • Event Groups.
      • Program Groups.
      • Group Rooms.
    • Fields no longer referenced (This data is now controlled by the Label Sets (name tags) in the Admin Console):
      • Ignore Program Groups. (Event)
      • Secure Check-in. (Group)
      • Suppress Nametag. (Group)
      • Suppress Care Note. (Group)
    • Fields no longer referenced. (This data is now controlled by the Events in scope on the Check In Homepage)
      • On Classroom Manager. (Group)
      • Room Usage Type. (Room)
  • How you print labels has changed:
    • Labels can be printed from any browser!
    • Labels are printed from a print service - which can be remote!
*Important* The schema additions detailed above will not impact the legacy Check-In 2 and Classroom Manager applications. During the overlap period, the legacy Check-In 2 and Classroom Manager systems will continue to use Program Groups to retrieve Groups while the new Check-In Suite will use the Rooms & Groups assignments. Any existing Room assignments in the Room Reservations table will not be changed. 


And many more... check out the following KB articles in this section for details!

Video Topics: Meet the New Check-In Suite!

0:20 - Browser support
0:30 - Multi-lingual options
0:37 - Classroom Manager
0:52 - Group/Room Overview
1:15 - Station/Device Overview
1:26 - Printer Mapping
1:36 - Themes
1:48 - Label Sets
2:02 - Making the transition