Check-In Kiosk


The Check-In Kiosk adds valuable functionality to Events. This section of the Check-In Suite application allows you to quickly and easily manage event check-in, automatically print nametags, add and edit individual and family information, have event attendance automatically communicated to the MinistryPlatform database in real time and much more.

To access the Check-In Kiosk:

  1. Log into Check-In Suite.
  2. Set the desired Check-In Suite Homepage configuration.
  3. Click Check-In Kiosk.

Clean Screen Option

To facilitate cleaning, you can configure your kiosk screen to "lock" for 8 seconds between each check in. If configured, a Clean Screen button will appear in the bottom corner of the check-in screen.

  • If the Clean Screen button is selected, the touchscreen will be disabled for 8 seconds.
  • A countdown timer will be displayed.
  • At the end of the countdown, the screen will return to the check-in screen and the touchscreen will be reenabled.
  • The Clean Screen button will inherit the Button C Theme settings
  • If configured the Clean Screen button will appear in both attended and unattended modes.
Note: The Clean Screen option will default to True. To disable the Clean Screen option, go to Administration > Configuration Settings and set CIM,ShowCleanScreen to 'False.' 

Notes about Check-In Kiosk

Each church will need to make a "churchy-decision" to determine how it will handle specific situations that occur during the normal use of the Check‐In Kiosk:

  • Adding a new family visiting the church for the first time.
  • Finding an existing family that did not appear in the search results.
  • Updating information on an existing person or family. (for example, a phone number or email address)
  • Adding individuals to an existing family. (for example, a new baby)
  • Adding an out‐of‐town guest visiting only one time.
  • Adding an existing participant to a new Group.

Video Topics: Overview of the Check-In Kiosk

0:30 - Accessing the Check-In Kiosk
0:55 - Making Changes in the Settings area
4:57 - Searching, selecting, previewing, printing
5:37 - Edit Family Button
6:35 - Add Guest Button