Kiosk Themes


The Themes area of the Admin Console section of the Check-In Suite application allows you to manage, edit, and create themes for your Check-In Kiosk. Check-In Suite comes with five pre-loaded "default" themes that you are welcome to use or edit!

Add a New Theme

  1. Click New.
  2. Name your Theme.
  3. Click Submit.
  4. Click the Upload Background Image button beneath the theme sample on the right.
  5. Browse to the desired background image.
  6. Click Open.
  7. Select the Font Size.
  8. Set Search Text.
  9. Set colors.
  10. Review your preview.
  11. Make changes as needed (to start fresh, click Reset).
  12. Click Save.

Note: When making changes to a theme's image, your browser's cache may need to be cleared to reflect in Check-in Suite. 

Edit an Existing Theme

  1. Select the desired existing theme from the list of installed themes.
  2. If needed, upload a new background image.
  3. If needed, make changes to the element colors.
  4. Review your preview.
  5. Click Save.
Editing Theme Colors

Set colors for the following elements by entering the color name or the hex color code (e.g. #00FF00). If you're not sure, this color picker might be helpful. If using the color code, include the hash symbol (#).

  • Page Title text header color.
  • Page Title text sub-header color.
  • Search textbox background color.
  • Search textbox text color.
  • Participant Name background color.
  • Participant Name text color.
  • Event Name background color.
  • Event Name text color.
  • Event Name selected color.
  • Button A background color.
  • Button A text color.
  • Button A hover background color.
  • Button A hover text color.
  • Button B background color.
  • Button B text color.
  • Button B hover background color.
  • Button B hover text color.
  • Button C background color.
  • Button C text color.
  • Button C hover background color.
  • Button C hover text color.
Editing Search Text
  1. Choose a language.
  2. Set a Search header (e.g. "Search:").
  3. Set a Search subheader (e.g. "Search using your 10 digit phone number").
  4. Set a Care Note Prompt (e.g. "Input Pager No. or Parent Location").

Note: Search header, Search subheader, and Care Note Prompt are limited to 255 characters.

Button Functions
  • Button A = Main Actions
    • Search
    • Try Again
    • Preview
    • Check-in or Print
    • Check-in Completed (Done)
    • Numbers and letters on-screen keyboard
  • Button B = Secondary Actions
    • Home (Back)
    • Scroll Up/Down
    • Back (Preview)
    • Prev/Next Household
  • Button C = Config/Edit Actions
    • Settings
    • Add/Edit Household
    • Add Guest Settings
    • Delete and Shift on on-screen keyboard
    • Clean Screen button and countdown

Delete an Existing Theme

  1. Select the desired existing theme from the list of installed themes.
  2. Click Delete.
  3. Confirm Delete.

Upload and Download Themes

  • You can download a theme to share with other MP churches by:
    1. Select the desired existing theme from the list of installed themes.
    2. Click Download.
    3. Share the zip file as desired.
  • You can upload a theme if it was originally created in the Check-In Suite Admin Console:
    1. Click Upload.
    2. Browse to the desired theme zip file.
    3. Click Open.
    4. Edit, if needed.

Notes About Themes

  • Theme Preview: The theme preview is a sample of the elements chosen. It is not an exact replica of how your theme will appear spatially when using that theme in the Check-In Kiosk.
  • Image Size: If the image size does not match your screen resolution, the image will be stretched based on width with height cropped when using that theme in the Check-In Kiosk.
  • Font Size:
    • If using an iPad, tablet or smaller device, we recommend the Extra Small or Small font size.
    • Font size selection does not mean that all font used in the theme will be the exact same size. Keyboard, number pad and button fonts are defined to optimize space and usability without making other font (e.g. search instructions) overly large or small.
  • Check-In Kiosk: Themes only apply to the Check-In Kiosk (not the Admin Console or Classroom Manager). In Check-In Kiosk, all unattended screens are "themed" - Search, Results, & Preview, but attended forms - like Add/Edit Family are not "themed".
  • Uploading and Editing: Only themes originally created in the Check-In Admin Console can be uploaded for use and editing.
  • Pre-Loaded Themes: Check-In Suite comes with five pre-loaded themes that you can edit or copy.
  • Professional Services: You can engage Professional Services to recreate existing themes from Check-In 2 in the new Check-In Suite. Hourly rates apply.
Reminder: Themes are custom to your system (similar to custom views). Thus, emailing Support to troubleshoot issues with custom themes will require you to engage Professional Services. Hourly rates apply.

Video Topics: Configuring Themes

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2:45 - Changing the formatting
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