Cannon Scanner Tips & Tricks

Please Note: The advice below is our best guess at how to help you with a product we do not support. Use these instructions at your own risk ;)

We recommend cleaning your scanner regularly using canned air or other scanner approved cleaning product (see manual linked below for specifics). Cleaning the scanner (particularly the rollers) helps prevent it from grabbing multiple checks at once.

Adjust Thickness  
Use the knob on the side of the scanner to change the allowance of document thickness in the scanner back and forth. If it’s set for a thick document, it is more likely to double feed, vice versa. 
Endorse Checks

For physical endorsement, select supported Canon models with print capabilities are supported by the Scan Service.  Reminder: Make sure that your scanner has an appropriate ink cartridge installed.

To Configure Physical Endorsement within the Batch Manager Tool: 

  1. Visit Scanner Settings beneath the Scan drop-down menu.  
  2. Specify the desired text to be printed in the Print Endorsement field under Scanner Settings.
    • When Print Endorsement is null, no endorsement is added.
    • Endorsement text may contains spaces, must not exceed 30 characters, and limited to one line of text (no carriage returns).

Endorsement text precedes image capture thus making endorsement visible on image Check_Back.

  • Sample Endorsement Text: “Deposit Only Acct #10078076 Grace Church”

Double Feed

Canon's double feed detection will stop scanning for double feeds, misfeeds and jams. However, when using the BMT, this feature is only active for the "Checks Only" scan option. The BMT disables double feed detection for "Checks+Envelopes" and Envelopes Only" scan options (as envelopes, being two layers, are always read by the scanner as a double feed).

Otherwise, if you are getting invalid warnings of "double feed", try one of the below methods (availability might vary based on model).

  • Adjust the Separation Roller Gap 
  • Turn off Separation Mode
  • Turn off the Double Feed Detection

For more information about Canon scanner settings, see the appropriate Canon Manual.

We strongly advise *not* to install the Ranger driver back on your system at this point. Having multiple drivers installed on the same machine for the same hardware can cause issues. Please use the Canon Scanner Utility, Canon driver properties, or scanner itself to make tweaks to your scanner settings and preferences.