Batch Manager Tool - September 2017

  • Fixed an issue where a Batch could not be finalized if the Batch was initially created with a $0 Batch Total.
  • Enhanced the Batch Name field to have the focus when creating a new Batch so the User can start typing immediately without clicking on the field.
  • Enhanced the color previously grey buttons so that they would not appear "disabled" when they are available.
  • Enhanced the drop-down indicator on the Scan button to be darker so that it is more visible to the User.
  • Fixed an issue where if a check total was initially not read, updating the Donation total would not also update the Distribution.
  • Enhanced scanning so that bad MICR Information will no longer be saved to the database (rescan or manual entry required).
  • Enhanced scanning so that MICR parsing allows for checks which do not contain the check number on the MICR line.
  • *New* Added the ability to rotate envelopes. This new option is set in the Scan drop down.
  • *New* Added an Edit MICR Data dialog for manual entry and correction of MICR information.
  • Enhanced the Add Donor dialog to validate email address format.
  • Enhanced the Donor search to automatically apply wildcard before and after search string based on partial names. 

  • Fixed an issue where a User had to click the +/- twice to get all Donations to expand/collapse.
  • Fixed an issue where a User could type more than 2 digits after decimal places.  
  • Enhanced bank (X937) export so that image size is ensured before a virtual endorsement is applied.
  • Enhanced bank (X937) export to improve black and white image quality for bank approval.
  • Enhanced bank (X937) export to make all images 200dpi per bank expectations.
  • *New* Added a simple Export Summary dialog that shows batch count and sum after the bank (X937) export

BMT Version 2.10.2
Scan Tool Version