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Welcome to the MinistryPlatform Knowledge Base!

Our goal is for the Knowledge Base (KB) to be an extensive, rapidly evolving, online documentation database with search-friendly articles and videos about every facet of all MinistryPlatform (MP) applications available to anyone on your team 24/7. It is written to help you utilize MP to its fullest no matter how you "do" church.

We hope this resource will be an asset as you leverage MinistryPlatform within your church. Check back often as we're constantly expanding and updating KB content!

If you don't find what you need here, please ask one of the designated representatives (SPoCs) in your church for assistance. If needed, they can contact us. We will be glad to work with those SPoCs to answer your questions!

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KB Feedback

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It is a pleasure to support you and the important Gospel ministry at your church. We've created a series of articles explaining our approach to Support, SPoCs (Single Points of Contact), hours and holidays, and more. See Support for details and resources!

Release Notes

We love updating MinistryPlatform! We'll let you know when that happens and Release Notes detailing the fixes, enhancements, and new features are available anytime on the application's section in the KB.