For church leaders, by church leaders

We've been there!

We understand the challenges churches face. Because we’ve been there! They’ve been our challenges, too. We provide tools and processes and workflows churches need to help people engage in ministry and grow as disciples.

First we’d like to say – what a great privilege to serve the size of flock God has brought to you! Let’s just take a second and celebrate that together. Cue the confetti!

And you’re right, it’s a challenge. We live in a day when we need a data system to minister to the people. They’re why you’re in ministry: The people.

Well, same here! We’re all about connecting-the-data-dots to tell a comprehensive, realistic story of who your people are, what they need, and how you can help them take their next step toward Christlikeness.

So how do you do that?

  • Well, you’ve got to have all your data under one roof, where you can access it all at once. (We can help with that)
  • And then you’ll need to ensure your data is accurate. (We can help with that, too)
  • And then, you’ll want to start collecting new data. Data that you may not have been able to get your hands on before. And maybe it doesn’t really have a “home” in the traditional Church Management System. (Yep, you guessed it)
  • You may even want to set up some routines that look at people’s activity (or lack of), and have their level of engagement change accordingly. Auto-magically. (Pssst!)

That’s enough to whet your appetite. But there’s more. There’s so much more.

Run Church from Anywhere

Ministry has left the building! Sometimes you have to go where the people are to care for them. So why should your ministry tools tether you to a desk, or even a laptop?

MobileTools lets you get out of the office.

MobileTools is a completely responsive web application that will allow you to access data no matter where you are.

  • Staff can use it to look up someone’s contact information or family members.
  • Care pastors can manage home or hospital visits and prayer requests.
  • Group leaders can communicate with their groups and take attendance.
  • Execs or finance peeps can check giving data.

And all of this is permissions-based. You get to decide who has access to what.

Alright – you’re equipped! Get out of the office. Go on, now. Get.

But take us with you. :D

Spend More Time in Ministry

Look, there are some super important things that need to happen in your database, but not everybody has time to actually do them.

We get it – we have the same hours in a day that you do.

So we’ve assembled some pretty awesome features that'll do a lot of the work for you!

Reports – We like our system the way we like our baked potatoes: Fully loaded! You get over 200 reports on day one. And more than half of them integrate directly with a customizable selection of records. That pretty much translates into infinite reporting possibilities! All of our reports are exportable into a variety of file types. And we love coming up with new reports to help make ministry easier, it’s truly one of our favorite things.

Routines – We provide several routines right from the get-go to help with a multitude of things like auto-promoting kids, searching for duplicate records, updating engagement levels based on participation... and that’s just a drop in the bucket. And you can always request a Custom Routine, because we can’t think of everything, now, can we?

Notifications – They’re like emails. Only better. Let’s say you want all of your first-time visitors to get an email on Tuesday, thanking them for coming and inviting them back. You can save that criteria into a search. And then set a notification so every Tuesday it looks to see if there are any results on that search, and if there are, they get an email using an email template you created. All while you are still drinking your morning cup of coffee. Now imagine aallllll the other searches you can save and setup notifications on. That’s a lot of coffee!

But having time to enjoy a hot beverage isn’t the point.

We want to free you up from repeatable or time-consuming tasks so you have more time for your mission! – To serve and bless the people that God has brought to your church.