MinistryPlatform User Group

MinistryPlatform is more than just a database, it’s a vehicle to community!

That’s why we spend the entire year looking forward to and preparing for MPUG (MinistryPlatform User Group), our annual community event for churches using MP.

Submit your pics for MPUG 2022

Upload one of three types of pics!!

    We are going to take all of the selfies submitted and turn them into one, big Class Photo.
    Kinda like the one you see here, but with waaaay more of our MP Community's lovely faces.
    Class photos are an MPUG tradition – help keep it alive!

  2. FLAIR
    We want to see what flair you're bringing to MPUG 2022!
    Is it from a previous MPUG?
    Is it homemade?
    Is it something in between?
    Let's see whatcha got.

  3. MISC
    This is the bucket for everything else:
    Group photos
    MPUG watching parties
    Sporting any MPUG swag? Let's see it
    And anything fun you wanna share with us

Can't wait to see all your pics.

And thanks for being a part of MPUG 2022!!!

Pssst! You do know we're going to use these pics in public places, right? By submitting any photos here, you're giving us permission to do so, whether it's on our social channels, MP forum, community emails, or right here on our website. Shanksh!! :D