Friends, hold off on booking those airline tickets or dusting off the luggage set just yet, we are pivoting. The MPUG team is working through all kinds of scenarios. Virtual? Hmm... it's likely.

As we consider our options, just know that you, our community, are our greatest motivation – our desire to see you in person as well as your health and safety.

Let us worry about hashing out the details, while you sit back, push play, and enjoy a great oldie
(Our prayers for you reminded us of this hit. We've got it on repeat. Get it, Aretha!)

MinistryPlatform User Group

MinistryPlatform is more than just a database, it’s a vehicle to community!

That’s why we spend the entire year looking forward to and preparing for MPUG (MinistryPlatform User Group), our annual 3-day community event for churches using MP.

Save the Date

April 27–29, 2021.
Pen it in and block it off.
Because that’s the date of MPUG 2021!

MPUG (MinistryPlatform User Group) is our once-a-year gathering, when our community can meet up, learn from each other, and increase the value and impact that MP can have, not just among your staff and lay leaders, but all of your congregants as well.

It’s three days of connecting, learning, eating, sharing, laughing, and networking with us (your devoted MP team) and other churches from around the country and world. MPUG also provides …

  • Product news you really and truly don’t want to miss
  • Partners who are eager to share how they’re integrating with us to bring powerful features to your church
  • Community time for you to share and brainstorm with like-minded churches
  • An A-M-A-Z-I-N-G dinner event
  • Stellar training
  • The swag!
  • Fun community awards and giveaways
  • And more! (don’t all good lists end with “And more!”?)

And our team is already hard at work, masterminding and crafting the best MPUG yet.

So get excited and save the date.

April 27–29, 2021

Virtual MPUG 2020

Due to COVID-19, we had our first ever "virtual" MPUG and over 500 people attended!

We had some fun with games, giveaways, and awards. And we shared some really cool things that will be coming in the next year.

We also had a cameo appearance by our mascot, M-Pug! :D

While it wasn't the same as getting to see everyone in person, we sure enjoyed getting to connect with so many of our churches at once.