Connecting to our community all year long

Throughout the year, we are connecting to our awesome community through webinars, regional trainings, coaching, meeting up at other conferences, or just stopping in if we happen to be in town (ok those last few were in the pre-COVID days).

We love our community and when we can get together with them, even if it's virtually, ... all the better!

Upcoming Events


Statement Season Success


9/23/2021 3:00 PM - 4:00 PM (EST)

My Contributions Widget + Standard Statements = Statement Season Success

You might have heard at MPUG that "the statement is the statement is the statement if you use Standard Statements."

Learn how to make Standard Statements "the statement" for your church as we walk you through how to configure your Accounting Company for Standard Statements and how to add the *new* My Contribution Statement Widget to your website.

This is "the webinar" to kick off statement season with success!

Audience: Money/Finance SPoCs and staff, Web/Communications SPoCs and staff, User SPoCs


Event Registration & Payment Widgets


10/7/2021 3:00 PM - 4:00 PM (EST)

Learn about our newest two Widgets: Event Details & Registration and Invoice & Payment - including 'payment hand off' with your preferred online giving vendor! Add these Widgets to your website with a few lines of code and make Event registration a seamless part of your community's experience on your website. Been waiting for these to make the leap to Widgets? The time has come! We'll use the walk-through configuring these specific Widgets as a review of how to add Widgets to your website so you can get started right away!


The Power of Views


10/21/2021 3:00 PM - 4:00 PM (EST)

Views are one of the core, power house features in MinistryPlatform. Are you using them to their fullest? Learn tips and tricks for creating Views as well as how to crank up the power by leveraging Views with Notifications or Record Facts!  Prepare to be amazed! ;)


Participation Requirements: Managing Requirements for Ministry Involvement


10/28/2021 3:00 PM - 4:00 PM (EST)

Learn about the new Participation Requirements - a flexible, consolidated, and holistic approach to manage requirements for participants in your church encompassing training, background checks, waivers, etc. Also, learn about the new Certifications that will pave the way for exciting new training-related integrations like Virtus and MinistrySafe!


MissionInsite – Community Analysis Tools


11/11/2021 3:00 PM - 4:00 PM (EST)

Join us as we sit down with one of our ACS Technologies teammates, Drake Hoffman, to unpack MissionInsite – a cloud-based technology platform that bridges the gap between data and decisionable information by answering the “where” and “what about” questions in your church and community.

•Cross-analyze your church and community
•Mapping tools for your members
•Stewardship and capital campaign resources
•New ministry and campus planning tools
•Targeted Address Lists
•Capital campaign and wealth screening tools
•Household demographic information
•Future population and household projections
MissionInsite reveals insights about the community around you, so you can move from data to decisions.
Be sure to save your spot!

  To love your neighbor, you must know your neighbor.


(OH! And be sure to check out MPUG!)

With several hundred in attendance, the MinistryPlatform User Group is our biggest event of the year and it's open to everyone. The entire MP Community – customers, partners, and integrators – get together to talk "MP." This three day gathering is chock full of sessions and training, customer wins, awards, and exciting announcements about what our developers have been doing behind the scenes. And food. Lots and lots of food!

It's a great time to see old friends and make new ones and collaborate with them all. Even if you're just kicking the tires, we welcome you with open arms – come and get to know our customers and hear about their MinistryPlatform experience directly from them. We'd love to see you there!