NeedConnect will better equip our churches to provide congregational connection and care

Introducing ... NeedConnect



We'd like to introduce you to the newest member of the MP family ... NeedConnect! This entirely new application will better equip our churches to provide congregational connection during this pandemic (and beyond), and is fully integrated with MinistryPlatform.

Like other MinistryPlatform applications, it can be accessed from anywhere - great for when you're thrust into a WFH scenario (thank you, COVID-19). And NeedConnect allows users to interact with your church easily and safely while being instantly captured in your MinistryPlatform database. #OneSourceOfDataTruth

So let's see what it does:

  • Users can request assistance with needs, from pre-filled options or text write-in, such as groceries or errands
  • Users can offer to provide for other’s needs


  • Approved providers gain access to an assignment board where they can view, claim, and complete needs to assist with



  • From the Platform staff can manage and assign needs to approved providers
  • There are also automated emails for confirmations and reminders, with actionable links included
  • And of course, it's mobile friendly!


We pray this enables greater reach and connection among our congregations and communities as we navigate the current climate we find ourselves in.