Think a database can't set you free? Think again!

MP can set you free

Trace Jackson


Independence Day 2019 is almost here. It’s a day when we celebrate our Declaration of Independence (freedom). Freedom is very important to our country, it’s one of our founding concepts, and I believe many of us carry a desire for freedom deep within us.

We yearn for it. Pursue it. And balk when we can’t have it. At least I do. Surely I’m not the only rebel. :D

Being convinced of my right for freedom, I look for it everywhere. Even in my database. And I cannot help but think how MP can set you free!

“Isn’t that a bit of a stretch, Trace?”

No way.

MinistryPlatform’s very nature and design is all about freedom!

Freedom from …

Spreadsheets. Who hasn’t suffered from Spreadsheet Sprawl and not knowing which version is the latest or most accurate or whose desktop they’re sitting on? Well, I say chuck ‘em. You can store all of your data in the platform. Our fields don’t represent the data you want to record? Add custom fields.

Rosters. Running rosters, printing rosters, marking rosters, entering data from the manually marked rosters back into the database… Really??? Just use our Check-In Suite to check your people in and your attendance is done!

Managing Multiple Systems. Who has time to keep multiple systems updated with the same data (or deal with inconsistent data because people don’t want to keep multiple systems updated)? And what about those other applications that require crossover data, like background check vendors or giving platforms? I have one word for you: Integrate. With integrations, you can have your cake and eat it, too: Use other great systems, but have one source of data truth!

Our Way or the Highway. You need to do church in a way that makes the most sense … for your church. You don’t need a system telling you that you have to do it their way. Whenever I get asked, “Can MP do ___________ (fill in the blank with function-of-the-day)?” I will usually respond with, “Yes, and here are several ways to do it, whichever works best for you.” And if none of those options work for you, don’t forget that we are a platform … customize it to suit what does work for you!

You Can’t Do That. Wondering if you can do something in MP? In the words of Bob the Builder, “Yes, you can!” If we didn’t build it in, integrate or customize.

No Access to Your Data. It’s your data. Why in the blazes should you be restricted from accessing your data? In MP, you have direct and simple access to it. Anytime. All the time. Period.

Reporting Dead Zone. Hey, reports are GREAT. We provide them. But if you are looking for a way to pull up your data with certain criteria, and then do something with the results, why not use a View? You can slice and dice your data any way you choose, right inside the platform, and then do all kinds of things with it: Send emails, create tasks, text the recipients, further refine and hone the results, export, … (I can keep tossing verbs out all day, but you get the idea).

Copy/Paste. Why? Just … why? With Item Notifications, you can get the data from Views or Records delivered right to your inbox. Or someone else’s. Or multiple someone else’s. Or just send a customized message to the resulting people based on your View criteria. Stop with the Copy/Paste. Ain’t nobody got time for dat.

Being Penalized for Growth. In MinistryPlatform, you can have unlimited attendees, and we won’t increase costs or add on any fees if you reach a certain number of them. We want your congregation to grow and flourish, without fear of being penalized, and we want to be the ChMS that helps you care for them well.

MinistryPlatform – freeing your data to free you!

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