There should be something that draws leaders to dive into the data

Deep Data Diving



I recently had the opportunity to visit with one of our churches and I experienced something that I had “perceived,” but had not encountered prior to this church visit. The short, short version is that I was meeting with the Senior Pastor and his comment to me was that I needed to keep a certain person happy because they were “my customer” and the church wouldn’t be quite sure what to do with MinistryPlatform without them.

While his comment could be read as something simple and even possibly a joke, it stings a little for a guy who has personally experienced the pain of Senior Leaders who simply can’t, or more to the point, won’t use the software their organization is pouring resources into to “help” them and everyone “Do Ministry.”

This isn’t a new topic, but one that I take personal interest in trying to solve.

OK – I get it
... A little
So I do get it!

As an executive in a growing company, there are times when I “just need to make a phone call” instead of looking up the information I need, but there should be something that “draws” leaders, including me, to dive into the data.

Hellooooo Charts and Dashboards!

Charts and Dashboards communicate big picture ideas to leaders so they can digest the overview of what is going on. With our recent addition of Charts and Dashboards to the platform, we are hopeful that your leadership teams will take a greater interest in the data MinistryPlatform can summarize and communicate.

Something you might not know is that our team uses the same MinistryPlatform to manage the company that you use to manage your church. We have highly modified the tables and tools, but it is, in fact, the very same version of the software. Since we launched Charts and Graphs internally, I have been daily excited to see the different types of charts and data my teams have created to help keep me informed about the health and status of our company from Sales, Support and Development.

We hope that this powerful new feature will help your church draw more and more staff (especially leaders) to look at the data, ask questions and really engage with what is happening inside the church.

At the end of the day, please remember:
“It’s all about PEOPLE, not DATA”

It is our hope and prayer that Charts and Graphs lead to more effective engagement, intentional followup and growth in the Body of Christ!