Save time, money, and effort through Coaching

Kudos to Coaching



“It pays for itself.”

That’s what Tori LoCoco at Clear Creek Community Church has to say about Coaching.

Yes, coaching costs money, but Tori says, “You’re going to pay for it one way or another. Pay for it in hours of trying to solve something yourself, and the frustration you feel, or … engage a Coach.”

She said through Coaching, they’ve saved an enormous amount of time, MinistryPlatform does what Clear Creek wants it to do, and it has launched them in a different direction. Their coach has helped them with things like…

  • Managing key access to their building
  • Figuring out what connectivity looks like at Clear Creek and automating data updates and various functions based on these determined parameters
  • Tracking leadership
  • Managing classes and courses for their leadership development training
  • Developing resulting dashboards that change the way they make decisions on everything from what sermon series or curriculum to provide to where new campuses are going to be!
  • Reining in old or other systems, like online forms, to fully utilize MP and have #OneSourceOfDataTruth

After hitting their stride on their first couple of projects, her senior management said, “You keep going!”

They see the huge benefit, too.

If you are considering Coaching, Tori has some words for you: “Evaluate what you need to do. If it’s anything project oriented, or a significant thing (or maybe you don’t know it’s significant until you talk to a Coach, it will save you time and money in the end. And it will make your platform geared more toward ‘you.’

“If you’ve looked at MP and said, I wish it did ______________.
Invest the money.
Because it can do ______________.”

Tori said that her knowledge is astronomically greater than it was a year ago. Thanks to her Coach.

Well, what are you waiting for? You can engage a Coach today by contacting Support.

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