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Extend church program benefits to tithing as well

Bring giving tools into tithing

Trace Jackson


All the programs and services your church offers are designed to assist and equip your church community to build and strengthen their relationships with one another and with God. It’s why you offer them.

But what if you could extend those benefits to their tithing as well?

You can! Simply by incorporating some giving tools. Read on.

Use technology to offer more options

If your church attenders are giving to charitable causes and organizations, it’s nearly a ‘gimme’ that they’re familiar with online giving tools. With the help of church giving software, you can offer these convenient online and mobile giving methods as ways to tithe.

In a world of smartphones, social media, and nearly constant connection to the “Interwebs,” you’ll want to offer features such as text-to-give, easy-to-use mobile options, and customizable online giving pages.

When donors get to choose their preferred method to give, they are more likely to do so.

Make traditional methods more efficient

There’s always going to be some hold-outs (* cough  – my mom – cough*) who will insist on maintaining status quo with their giving methods. They may find it more meaningful, or it is simply what they know, trust, and are used to.

But that shouldn’t mean your contributions team pays for it in inefficiency.

Look for solutions that help make check processing faster and easier and preserve the ‘intent’ of cash gifts (this can be done by scanning cash envelopes to collect intended designations). When automated, this saves your team time and gets all of the data into the correct places, making their deposits and reporting easier and even freeing up their time to shepherd your donors well.

Integrate with your ChMS and other systems

More systems should not mean more systems to manage. Who has time to transfer all of that data between systems?

Church giving solutions should integrate with your ChMS (Church Management System). Full stop.

Your ChMS stores valuable information about your members, attenders and guests, helps you manage groups or plan events, and tracks your congregation’s engagement and growth. When your online tithing tools integrate with this central system, you’ll be able to add records of your members’ gifts to their profiles in your ChMS and ensure that all their information is easily accessible in one place. Let’s not forget the importance of looping in your financial system or website as well.

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: #OneSourceOfDataTruth

Stay focused on your mission

Without money, we wouldn’t have church buildings, programs, events or resources. But giving can be a difficult subject to broach with your attenders. Especially when you’re trying to keep the focus on developing their relationships with God!

When you have your online giving tools all ready to go, you can provide information about mobile or text-to-give so members can give when they feel motivated at various church events. Having all of your tools available ahead of time can reduce the distraction of giving as they are inspired to give during services or at an impactful missions dinner. Additionally, they can set a recurring gift so they can engage fully in a worshipful moment, knowing they are supporting their church and services without having to stop and gather their donations at a moment’s notice.

From member management to event planning to tithing, your online tools save your staff time to focus on the most important goals of your ministries and your church community. Online tithing tools make it easy for attenders to give to the ministries they want to support when they feel most motivated to do so, making giving an even more natural fit into your church’s mission.


We are grateful to Vision2, one of our Online Giving Integrators, for providing much of the tips and ideas in this article. It is clear that they have a heart for the church and for providing tools to fund them. But more importantly, for making generosity a common and natural practice for Christ followers.

“A church online giving platform is a wonderful way to increase support for your church by making giving more convenient for your members. When they’re provided with plenty of easy options for supporting the community that has enriched their personal and spiritual lives, they’re sure to return the generosity that their church has shown to them.”
– Vision2