We work together to make church happen for you

Did you know that almost everyone on our team has years of experience on a church staff?
That means we know your challenges, and we work hard to deliver a product that meets and exceeds them!

"Geeking out over the people we serve, our team, and the dynamic software!"

Kristin Baker

Testing Specialist

“I love that technology is the avenue for me to make an eternal impact in my day to day work”

Annie Lockwood

Associate Product Owner – Congregation

"I'm so excited to empower churches to fully leverage the power and flexibility of MP to care for their people well"

Erika Booth

Release & Knowledge Base Coordinator

"Leverage the power and flexibility of MP for your unique church culture and ministry niche"

Megan Christianson

Product Development Director

"I love that I play a part in growing God's kingdom by helping churches do ministry thru technology!"

Angie Eames

Lead Support Agent

"I love seeing the different ways churches leverage MP to engage with their communities!"

Morgan Falzone

Pocket Platform

“I love that we get to collaborate together leveraging MinistryPlatform to help people meet and serve Jesus”

Mike Gayle

Sr. Director of Services

"MP is more than just a ChMS,
it is a means to relationship building"

Heather Haremski

Support Agent

"I love working for a company that values and truly cares about their people (employees) and community (churches)"

Candice Hoy

Sales & Marketing Specialist

"My favorite thing about MP is that it comes with a community!"

Trace Jackson

MP Evangelist

"I am happy to help you leverage the platform to advance God's Kingdom"

Don Jewett

Infrastructure Manager

"I want to see every church using technology to make disciples around the world"

Chris Kehayias

VP of MinistryPlatform

"I love helping empower churches to use MP and expand the kingdom"

Amanda Lewis

MinistryPlatform Coach

"Every record represents a person which represents an opportunity to further the kingdom of God"

Jean Madeira

Support Agent

"Apps come and go,
but data is forever"

Kevin McCord

Client Services Manager

"Shepherd the data, and you shepherd the flock. How can we help you care for your flock?"

Andrea McGough

Support Director

"MinistryPlatform equips the church staff to further the Kingdom by serving and loving people well through excellent technology. What an honor to be part of this team!"

Ashley Morris

Testing Specialist & Early Adopter Coordinator

"A solution that understands ministry is always evolving, and so are we"

Laura Morris

Associate Product Owner – Core

"I love equipping churches with the knowledge and tools to care for their people using MinistryPlatform."

Melissa Reveles

Training Director

"Our heart is to serve you so you can serve your church"

Sarah Robin

Bookkeeping Assistant

"I love seeing technology connect people with Jesus and each other"

Stacy Sillasen

SQL/SSRS Developer

"I love that MP helps churches care for people."

Lisa Vaughan

Support Agent

"We believe that people grow most in their walk with Christ when they are most closely connected to their local church"

Tyndall Wakeham


"I am so happy to be a part of a team that empowers and equips church so well."

Monica Wilkinson

MinistryPlatform Coach

"We strive to bring best-of-breed solutions, technologies, and capabilities to the church"

Stephen Wareham

Architect, MinistryPlatform