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We are the people behind MinistryPlatform, a revolutionary Church Management System built on a flexible data platform that allows unlimited customization and scalability. Each day we look for ways to bring cutting edge technology into the church market.

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A growing ministry is a great thing. Imagine impacting more people for God’s glory – and that your ministry has grown so big you no longer know all of the people involved. Great problem to have, right? But because you don’t know everyone, you don’t know their stories.

Oh, you might know some. But not all of them. Not anymore.

You Don't Know...

how often they’re coming
their talents or interests
where they struggle
if they are single, married, or have children
if they lost a loved one or are good with kids
if they make a good leader

    We are surrounded by data. All the time. It’s everywhere. Is it any surprise, then, that we would need a data system to minister to people?

    This is why you’re in ministry: The people.
    Well, same here!

    We’re all about connecting-the-data-dots to tell a comprehensive, realistic story
    of who your people are, what they need, and how you can help them take their next step toward Christlikeness.

    But each person has their own story and every church “does church” differently.
    So how do you find a system that fits every church, every person, every journey?

    Find one that is as unique as your needs.

    We offer:

    • A powerful, view engine that gives you the ability to slice and dice data, real-time. And then it’s actionable. (We think that’s better than reports. But we also have reports)
    • Integrations with other solutions and are constantly working to introduce new ones so we can continually expand the power we bring as the center of the church software ecosystem
    • An unprecedented API that allows for unlimited customization and scalability

    Can we track engagement? Yep.
    Can we track anything? Yep again.
    Can we automate ministry processes? Heck yah, with powerful workflows!

    MinistryPlatform is boutique.
    Our niche is large churches.

    We come from them.
    We understand them.
    We know their challenges and environment.

    And so we provide tools and processes and workflows large churches need to help people engage in ministry and grow as disciples.

    MinistryPlatform is as unique as your needs.
    And flexible enough to handle them.

    Take a moment and imagine your ministry again. Imagine knowing who your people are, where they live, how they serve, if they give, and what their best spiritual next step should be. Imagine having all the tools and processes you need to serve and shepherd the people God has blessed your church with.

    Now imagine all of that in one system.

    We get ministry – it’s part of our name.
    And we want to make it easier!

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