We work hard so you don’t have to

Meet the MP Team.

Wait! – I came here to read “About the Product” not “About the Team.”
Yep. We gotcha. Hear us out.

MinistryPlatform is what it is because of the people behind it.

Most of our team have worked at a church.

And used a Church Management System in our roles there. 

  • We know the pressure of having a lobby full of families all trying to check in at once two minutes after the service has already started.
  • We know the deep sense of responsibility for knowing where your congregation is (or isn’t) so you can help usher them into their next steps toward Christlikeness.
  • We know how ... um, challenging? … women’s and men’s ministries can be.
  • We know how it feels to be caught between raw data and the numerous, complex reporting requests from leadership.
  • We know what it’s like to have to upgrade software, stay on top of release notes, and train staff.

We use this knowledge to bring you a platform that does what churches need.

Because we get it. We’ve needed it to.

So when we say:

“MinistryPlatform helps you manage People, Groups, Events, Check-In, Contributions, Assimilation, Reporting, and Workflow.”

We’re thinking:

“This is exactly what I wanted in a ChMS when I worked at a church.”

And these are just the core things you should expect.
But we didn’t stop there.

MinistryPlatform is the most easily customizable and maintainable ChMS on the market!

We offer a consistent and cohesive upgrade cycle.

Don’t you worry about the upgrades. We make it happen.

All of our customers are on the same version of the software.

No customer gets left behind – no matter the customization!

And all of our customers can customize.

And don’t need a developer to do it. In fact, most of our churches don’t have a single developer on staff.

You have a voice. And it is heard!

You help shape the product through our Idea Board and other customer votes.

No church too big. No ministry strategy too complicated.

We like big and complicated. We eat it for breakfast.

MinistryPlatform grows with you.

You can’t outgrow us.

We built this for you.

Because we are you.